Proyecto Yogo- An Infrastructure Support for Indigenous Peoples’ Education

JSF is now building a school in Sitio Ananaso, Brgy. Dumalaging, Impasugong, Bukidnon. A tribal school for grades 1 to 5.


Part of the project is renovation of Kalabugao Dormitory, Brgy. Kalabugao, Impasugong, Bukidnon which houses high school students from Higaonon Tribe who usually walk for hours just to reach the school.


Balay Pasilungan in Brgy. Datu Salumay, Davao City is also another dormitory which houses elementary to high school students from Matigsalug-Manobo Tribe. It is being renovated to uplift the living conditions of the children.


There is another school being built in the Tribal Village of Datu Salumay for the pre-schoolers of Matigsalug-Manobo. (pictures are not available yet)


Josefa Segovia Falls

Josefa Segovia Foundation, Inc.(JSF) in partnership with  MAMATRIPCEDI ( Matigsalug Manobo Tribal Peoples Council of Elders in Davao, Inc.) headed by Datu Amado Mansabid launched “Josefa Segovia Falls- A Community and Nature-Based Eco-Tourism Project”. This Eco-Tourism Project aims to help the lumads preserve, protect and manage their natural resources and cultural heritages. Hopefully, this will also give the indigenous people an alternative livelihood in the process.

JSF lights Tribal School through Panasonic Corporation Solar Lanterns

Panasonic Corporation donated a number of solar lanterns to a total of 15 NGOs in the Philippines for 2016 as part of their global 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project which aimed “to help address social issues and provide a better life, a better world to people around the world.” (Panasonic Corp Website, 2015)
Josefa Segovia Foundation, Inc.(JSF) was chosen for the second time among the thousands of NGO’s in the world to be a partner of Panasonic Corporation. This year, the solar lanterns were given to Salagaan Ta Ananaso(a tribal school) in Sitio Ananaso, Brgy Dumalaguing at Impasugong, Bukidnon. The place can be reached by foot in three hours passing through the rivers seven times including the Pulangi River, climbing the rocks along the way and finally conquering the steep climb to the sitio. JSF is now constructing a school building through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Toshihiro Yogo of Japan.